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Solar is Booming, But How Should You Get Involved?

If you are a homeowner with a 650 credit score and an area with lots of sunshine. Then keep on reading. You’re going to learn how you can save some more money on your utility bill.

If you are interested in one of the greatest wealth transfers that has never been seen in the history of this planet – then keep on reading.

How? Free solar panels that’s what.

Read on to find out how you can get a free solar panel through a company named powur to save money on your utility bill.

Solar Technology Is Making It Possible With “0 Down Solar”

There’s this new revolution that is going on in the world. A big global trend that you and I can’t even think of. We are currently undergoing the second industrial revolution.

That might sound far-fetched but it’s true. Take a look at the following industries

  • Media Industry (Social vs Mainstream)
  • Hotel Industry (AirBnB)
  • Taxi cab industry (Uber)
  • Daily Fantasy Sports (Fanduel/DraftKings)
  • Amazon.com Everything Store

Haven’t you noticed the recent trend of these industries being utterly broken and smashed into bits and pieces? The media industry once used to be dominated by big newspaper organizations and by cable providers.

Now, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix just split that industry into two and changed that industry forever.

There used to be big billionaire newspaper tycoons out there. There was a time where people thought newspapers would never be defeated and that their reign would last forever.

Then suddenly the internet came. Boom! Everything changed. Now, newspapers are declining dramatically and ever so slowly cable TV is dying as well. YouTube and Netflix are slowly taking the place of what used to be cable TV’s throne.

You used to only get your news from one source and now we have a wide spectrum of media to choose from. We are now more connected to the world than ever before.

Check out the hotel industry. It was traditionally operated by a big company named Hotel Marriot. They’ve dominated the industry for nearly a century. Now all of that has changed ever since Airbnb stormed in and shattered that industry.

Airbnb has only existed for several years and it’s currently has a 25.5 billion dollar market cap while Hotel Marriot has a 19 billion dollar market cap.

The founders of the company created Airbnb when they were super broke and started to rent out their air mattresses. All it took was a bunch of broke guys to change the dynamics of an industry forever.

Look at the taxi cab industry. For nearly a 100 years the industry was dominated by taxis. Applying for a license to own a taxi was extremely difficult. A small group of people owned a huge collection of taxis with all the money going to them.

Now, ever since Uber came the taxi industry has been split in half as well. All it took was one simple application that improved the way you ordered a cab to cause this much damage to the cab industry. Now, with the simple swipe of a phone you can order a cab within minutes.

Within 6 years Uber did massive damage. The current market cap of Uber is approximately 50 billion dollars. The taxi cab industry is now at 11 billion dollar market cap.

What do all of these industries have in common? What’s the magic behind all this radical change? Decentralization. Every industry that you can think of is currently undergoing massive decentralization.

Shifting and Transferring The Power of Wealth

Every industry was or is centralized. Everything being controlled by one group or multiple groups. And, that worked for some time. Not anymore. Thanks to technological developments we no longer require centralized industries now.

These disruptive technologies are changing everything. It’s also creating the greatest wealth transfer ever seen in the history of this planet.

Mark Zuckerberg literally became one of the youngest billionaires out there by cashing out of Facebook when he IPOed it.

The founders of Airbnb became multi-billionaires within the span of just a few years.

Just look at the story of an 8 year old who is making millions of dollars by posting YouTube videos.

There’s this guy who is making a full time income by buying appliances on Craigslist and flipping them for a profit.

A mom is making nearly 70,000 dollars selling goods on Etsy.

There are dozens of people who own websites and are incredibly wealthy as a result.

There are so many stories of people making a killing by taking advantage of the new opportunities around them. Decentralization is profitable for those who are prepared and ready to take on the changing dynamic of the industry itself.

What does decentralize mean though?

It means to distribute. To go from central to local. Controlled by the hands of a few and now controlled by the many.

Just take a look at newspapers. Back then you really had no say on what was on the New York Times. You just read the paper and be done with it. You flip open the TV and you see news that can’t be controlled.

That has changed.

Newspapers were once centralized. Now it’s completely decentralized with the use of the social media websites out there. Now, you have control over the content that is shown. You create, share, and edit all sorts of news/content you want to see.

The power from the few now went to the many. As consumers we are now getting more of a say in the consumption of our product.

And it’s making a people ton of money.

Here’s the next industry that’s going to be BROKEN and RESTRUCTURED completely. This is the next big thing. What is it you might ask?


Yep, that’s right. Energy. Energy is the next big thing. Ripe for disruption and decentralization. The number one reason why global warming is getting worse is because of coal.

It’s nasty and dirty. Its killing people. Poisoning our lungs. Poisoning the Earth that we inhabit in. It’s destroying our wildlife. Just take a look at the gulf spill and that huge mess that we had to clean up.

That’s all a result because of dirty energy. Dirty energy is what’s destroying our planet and until now nothing was done about it.

And, all of that dirty energy is going to run out within a century or so. It’s critical that we transition into something safer and cleaner. The good news is that we are. Thanks to Powur.

What is Powur?

Take a look at every industry that has been broken and shattered because of technology. Media was broken because of multiple social platforms. Traditional commerce was broken because of eCommerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Hotels and taxis were broken because of their respective platforms as well. Platforms that were primarily controlled by the consumer are what led to the disruption that occurred in those industries.

The next step for energy is solar. No more dirty energy.

Powur is a platform for the solar energy industry. Powur is currently working with a company that is called SolarCity. SolarCity is managed by the famous Elon Musk.

What powur does is help you get free solar panels. If you have a 650 credit score, a homeowner and access to area with lots of sunshine – you are eligible for a free solar panel.

You can save hundreds of dollars on your utility bill by using the power of the sun. It’s important to emphasize that it is 100% free. Solar panels are getting cheaper and cheaper because of technology.

You can participate in the new industrial revolution by installing a free solar panel on your home. It’s that simple. All you have to do is install the powur application and you’ll be contacted by a representative within a few minutes.

Then, you can begin the process of getting your FREE solar panel. It really doesn’t get better than that.

On top of saving hundreds of dollars on your electric bill – you also get to participate in the greatest financial opportunity ever known on the planet.

It was mentioned before that this industry is ripe for disruption and change. Massive amounts of wealth is going to switch hands within a short period of time and it’s going to dazzle everyone.

You can participate in this amazing wealth transfer by getting other people to sign up for a free solar panel. You can earn up to 200-300 dollars per sale! That’s right. All you have to do is persuade people into signing up for a free solar panel.

It’s probably one of the easiest selling opportunities out there. You can earn a tremendous amount of money by doing the easiest thing on the planet. If you can’t convince people to sign up for a free solar panel then something is seriously wrong with you.

And, you also get to put the middle finger to the oil & gas industry that has slowed down humanity’s progress in developing renewable energy. All in the name of profits.

The whole world is going to be hit hard with this new disruption. It’s going to change the very fabric of our world economy.

It’s time that we take action in the biggest opportunity out there. Signup for powur for your free solar panel or to help them spread the new industrial revolution.

You get to create a new world. A world that runs on safe & clean energy. Thanks to the power of powur.